Hello, my name is Laura, this is my vegan food blog. My goal here is to share my passion for health, food, and gardening.

I have a beautiful daughter together who just graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder. She thinks I'm the best cook in the world! I call Denver, Colorado my home.

Hands down my favorite read is a cookbook. I am certainly not a professional, and through trial and error consider myself  to be a "good cook". This adventure is purely a hobby, I simply have a love for all things delicious, and believe in making food in the healthiest way, plant-based.  I would love to hear your feedback so leave me a comment! 

I hope you all enjoy a piece of my life through these recipes. 
Remember to be always mindful and eat with compassion!

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  1. oh gosh, cookbooks are my favourite read too!! i literally collect them. as of late, i'm stocking up on more vegan cookbooks but i'm also finally getting the hang of properly veganizing recipes in my old cookbooks after 2 yrs of much trial & error. these days cookbooks serve more as inspiration as i can't seem to follow a recipe without adding my own touches ;) good luck with the blog!


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