Vegetable Risotto

Thursday, February 19, 2015

I'm excited to create this new food blog, all my new recipes will be 100% vegan Ⓥ. Not only will the recipes be all plant based but they will also be low sodium and cooked with without oil. Some might say that eating vegan is extreme and lacks in flavor, well I am here to prove that not only can you achieve ultimate health being vegan but that it can be delicious. This risotto is hearty and satisfying, a perfect comfort food. 


1 cup of Arborio rice
1 leek, thinly sliced
3 cups of sliced white mushrooms
1 cup of fresh peas
1 bunch of thin asparagus, chopped
1 Tbsp of salt free Italian seasoning
32oz of low sodium vegetable broth
2 cups of white wine 


Prepare your vegetables, in a separate sauté pan on medium high heat add the mushrooms and let them sauté until golden brown, when done set them aside.  In a large saucepan on medium high heat add your thinly sliced leek. Let the leek sweat and caramelize naturally. When this process is done add the dry arborio rice and let the grain cook dry to the pan cook while stirring until it turns a light golden color, this adds to the flavor of the dish. 

Enjoy and remember to be always mindful and eat with compassion!


  1. Going to have to try this and looking forward to more ;)

  2. Love all your foods. Hope to find the way to eat healthy. Congrats in this new venture!!! Blessings!!!

  3. I'm excited to learn more about vegan cooking through your blog. I have asparagus in my fridge waiting for a home I'll have to try this.


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